The importance of a mentor

Posted by:Frank

Some people dislike the idea of a mentor. They love the image of a self-made man (or woman) who was able to achieve amazing things all by themselves. Truth is, it is very impressive and admirable but sadly, not everybody can do that and most of us will need help at some point if we want to succeed.

Now, is it a bad thing? Not at all. In fact, seeking the help of a mentor is actually a proof of humility and a strategic decision. Here’s why:

  1. Your mentor went through most of the things you have faced, are facing now, and will face and knows how to deal with it
  2. Your mentor has a better and deeper knowledge and can give you new ideas you never thought of
  3. Your mentor can make you avoid big problems before they occur
  4. Your mentor can review your work and criticize you in a constructive way

All those great things can be yours but there are 2 conditions: you need to have a mentor (duh!) and you must listen to him. Again it seems obvious but in trading, it is very easy to follow your own plan or avoid the criticism your mentor can give you because you are ashamed of what you did. That’s what happened to me. I kept applying a failing strategy thinking that it would eventually work and ignored the advice given by my mentor to steer in another direction. That made me lose half of my account, which is a pretty high price to pay.

At ROITA, you have the possibility to be mentored. In my opinion, you should at least try it, get some knowledge from the instructors and see by yourself if it makes a difference for you. I’m convinced it will and you’ll see how valuable it is to have somebody by your side on the way to the mountain top.